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CompPair Technologies closes a 1.3M CHF Seed Round!

CompPair Technologies has officially closed its Seed Round of fundraising with gobble-up, resulting in a total of 1.3M CHF!

This top up allows the company to sustain its market implementation and R&D activities. CompPair also plans to expand the team, bringing on moretalents to support the Technology department.

CompPair would like to thank all our investors, partners and advisors! We will be busy with many exciting events and activities until the end of 2021, and we hopeyou will enjoy keeping up with us.

CompPair has recently seen many changes, notably, in September the brand’s visual identity was completely transformed and updated, and the website was fullyrefreshed.

In October and November, the team will be particularly busy, attending several events in Europe and traveling to meet clients. We will, of course, share updates!


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