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A living material for a cutting-edge lifestyle

Elevate your lifestyle with CompPair's revolutionary HealTech™ solutions, designed to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge repair technology into everyday lifestyle and luxury items. From watches and shoes to phone cases and suitcases, our ultra-fast repair system offers unparalleled versatility, ensuring that every product is both stylish and convenient.


With HealTech™, the possibilities are limitless. Our customizable options allow for tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of each product, while simultaneously reducing environmental impact. By offering the ability to repair various types of damage, HealTech™ not only enhances the longevity of lifestyle and luxury items but also upholds uncompromising performance and quality standards.

Low footprint

Use of low footprint fibres enabling a lower impact during production.

Scratch repair

The HealTech technology enables to repair composite damage in the matrix, including surface scratches.

Impact repair

The HealTech™ technology enables the repair of delaminations and microcracks following an impact.


400x faster than conventional repair times in the industry, this drastic reduction allows to reduce maintenance costs.



Low-footprint luxury material

Scratch Repair

Impact repair

Reduced maintenance


 Prepregs: Carbon, Glass, Flax 

Alternative fibre options

Custom solutions


Prepregs: carbon, glass, flax 

Alternative fibre options

Custom solutions

HealTech™ Recycled Carbon

Elevating luxury to stand a new test of time, our recycled carbon material extends the lifetime of high-end pieces, ensuring they last for generations. With HealTech™ , sustainability and innovation converge in unparalleled harmony. The impact assessment below has been calculated to compare the use of various materials and the average energy required for their production. The analysis was assessed  for internal use - additional information on the above analysis is available upon request.


Recycled carbon fibres

Recycled carbon plate

Application Example

The Circular C watch by ID Genève is a groundbreaking timepiece featuring CompPair's HealTech™ technology, making it the first watch to incorporate healable composites. These composites are made from recycled carbon fibers sourced from industrial waste. The watch's dial, side decorations, and bezel are all crafted from HealTech™ recycled carbon fibre prepregs, offering a repair process up to 400 times faster than industrial standards.


Other Possibilities

Partners can use our portfolio HealTech™ products to manufacture healable composites with a regenerative feature.

Healable composites

CompPair can develop custom systems depending on your requirement. We also have various partnerships to source sustainable fibres.

Customisable solutions

Every composite application suffers different types of damage, for which our team can provide its expertise to quantify damage challenges. We demonstrate economic and ecological benefits for your specific use case.

Repairability support

Throughout the implementation of our healable systems, the CompPair team is available to support in part manufacturing and any other necessary adjustments.

Implementation support

At the core of our values, CompPair supports life cycle analyses and environmental quantification. We assist to help reduce emissions through the production, lifetime and end-of-life of your composite part.

LCA and eco-design

Our Expertise

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