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CompPair reveals new visual identity!

Over the course of the last few months, CompPair has been undergoing some exciting changes behind the scenes and we are proud to present our new visual identity  .

This freshly revamped logo symbolises our present and our dynamic future. We have altered it, all the while maintaining the core meanings of the original logo. The team reflected on core values and vision for CompPair, to reach a common decision: a modern logo with key elements that convey our vision and mission.

So, what does it mean? Let’s take a closer look at our new  logo…

We have kept the blue and green, our corporate colours, maintaining the meaning of innovation and sustainability, but you will notice the more modern tones. The font is bolder and more energetic, inspiring us to further grow and create change in the industry.

You may see the small crack on the M disappearing on the A: a hint to what CompPair products do: healing defects in composite structures to extend their lifetime.

Finally, the new monogram has a few meanings to it, the double Ps, which have since the beginning been our signature. The new twist is their formation – an infinity sign – highlighting our end goal of reaching a composite circular economy, while forming an over and under weave typical of a composite reinforcement.

Along with this announcement, we have revamped our website, Discover the new look and feel of it, and do not hesitate to get back to us with some user feedback!

Our startup has undergone some significant changes and transformations since its founding. We hope to push the brand even further and reinvent the way people see healable composites.

If you would like to use our new logo in any marketing materials, please contact our Marketing Manager ( to receive the new logo pack and guidelines.


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