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CompPair produces the first healable skis with Salomon

Last week at JEC World 2022, a very anticipated event, CompPair made its latest big reveal! The company is working with Salomon to produce the world’s first healable skis.

At the event we displayed the innovative pair of skis, both on our booth and on the JEC Innovation Planet.

CompPair’s materials can bring many benefits to the winter sports industry, specifically demonstrated on this pair of ski. Fewer materials were used, as the repair capacity of CompPair’s HealTech removes the need for a top sheet, making the skis lighter (a big plus for high performance!) and thus reducing CO2 emissions. Other benefits of CompPair’s materials are increased damping, and the possibility to repair not only impacts but scratches and edge cracks.

We look forward to our further with Salomon to revolutionise the ski and winter sports industry! Please contact us for any complementary information about our healable skis.


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