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CompPair is the Sustainability Award Winner of Tech Tour!

Since the early days of CompPair, TechTour has been an event that the team particularly appreciates thanks to its format and possibility to meet highly varied investor profiles.

Having the possibility to pitch at the TechTour Future22 was already a strong recognition, but following this by winning the track was even more incredible! The team would like to thank Tech Tour for such great events throughout Europe. CompPair looks forward to attending the next events.


About Tech Tour

Tech Tour realises its goal by organising and coordinating events (mainly in Europe) that provide a platform for interactions between leading entrepreneurs, investors and industry players. Tech Tour’s events bring together the entire technology ecosystem of local and global players.

The role of Tech Tour is to serve as the overall supervisor and coordinator for all events throughout Europe, while the task of organising events in each individual region are entrusted to a group of local volunteers designated by Tech Tour. In this way, a Europe-wide network has been created to stimulate exchanges of ideas and to promote young, dynamic companies.


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