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CLOSER: CompPair’s recycled carbon fibres project

Through the NTN Innovation Booster, CompPair was able to set off their recycled carbon fibres project.

Sustainability Manager, Eléonore Wild, is leading the research and characterisation of the recycled carbon fibres.

Currently, a mere 1-2% of composite waste are recycled yearly. By 2050, there will be 43 million tonnes of waste worldwide from the wind energy sector. In 2022, almost 10 000 tonnes of waste will come from the aerospace industry only, estimated to rise to 30 000 tonnes per year by 2050.

When taking into account the other sectors: automobile, marine and sports, we can imagine how these numbers can vastly increase. This is a consequent pain point in the industry, which needs to change.

What better way to reduce waste than to extend the lifetime of composite parts?

CompPair offers the longest lasting composite material on the market. Our healable resin allows to keep materials in the loop, reducing CO2 emissions up to 99.6%. Eco-design being our driving force, we are continuously working to reduce the carbon footprint of our composite products. Recycled carbon fibres are one of the green fibre developments ongoing at CompPair.

Recycled carbon fibres are 10x less impacting than virgin carbon fibres. To save limited resources, we are carrying out development tests with recycled carbon fibres. Our goal is to ensure we can offer similar properties with recycled carbon fibres, especially in terms of healing and extended life-time.

Currently, we are in the development stage of recycled carbon fibres, having done a few in-house prototypes, we are now discussing the applications with industrial clients.


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