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CompPair works with ArianeGroup to shape the future of space

CompPair is proud to work with ArianeGroup, a world leader in access to space, to shape the future of access to space for a faster turnover of reusable vehicles to reduce launch costs.

CompPair Technologies Ltd. joins the ArianeGroup consortium to define the 2025-2050 technology and demonstrators roadmaps for the European Space Agency (ESA) reusable space vehicles. This work is part of the New European Space Transportation Solutions (NESTS) framework and specifically for the Post Themis Reusability ITT.

CompPair’s healable composite materials will offer large benefits to the aerospace industry, directly impacting the production and use phases of composite parts, all while enabling costs efficiency at different levels.

After joining the ESA BIC in 2020, we have already proved our products’ compatibility within the aerospace industry, however this is a successful milestone and the start of a new era for the company!

Read the Press Release to find out more!


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