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CompPair part of the Venture Leaders CleanTech program

We are part of the 2022 Venture Leaders Cleantech program, as one of the top 10 most innovative #cleantech startups in Switzerland!

Venture Leaders Cleantech is a unique business development program in Munich to explore the international market and the potential of high-growth Swiss startups. It is an exclusive opportunity to be a part of a top entrepreneurial team, accelerate one’s business growth, and showcase Switzerland as a leading country for innovation.

CompPair and the 9 other selected startups aim to reduce human-made negative environmental impact by increasing energy efficiency, developing sustainable resources production systems, or bolstering environmental protection.

Amaël, CEO of CompPair, participated in the Munich Roadshow in October, where he had the opportunity to meet investors and industry leaders. Thanks to Venturelab for selecting us to participate in this honorable program.


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