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CompPair is an SME category finalist of the Swiss Startcup Challenge

CompPair has been selected as a finalist in the SME category of the Swiss StartCup Challenge 2022 – a Swiss project from Nestlé Nespresso SA and B Lab. We are proud of this achievement, having successfully demonstrated our composites’ circularity. The news were shared during the first edition of the Swiss Impact Forum, which we attended.

Emilie, Marketing Manager, and Eléonore Wild, Sustainability Manager, took part in the Swiss Impat Forum on the 15th September for the grand reveal of the winners. The fun-filled day included participative workshops, insightful conferences and panels, and an impact fair.

Some key takeaways from the Swiss Impact Forum:– Prof. Dr. Johan Rockström stated the need to set new economic policies that remain within planetary boundaries: SDGs can only be delivered within a world that is sustainable and resilient.– We must and CAN cut emissions by half every decade, to do so we already have existing solutions, but businesses must be motivated to use them: such as CompPair Technologies Ltd.‘s healable composites and other circular life-changing projects!– Sustainability must be an entry point for innovation and marketing.

On the 14th of November, Amaël, Emilie, and Eléonore attended the award ceremony of the challenge.

Congratulations to the other Swiss Startcup finalists Proxipel, RedElec Technologie SA KOLI Arboloom Terra Preta BINKABLE ZipBack Trashmanship


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