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CompPair exhibits at ChangeNow

CompPair was at the ChangeNow Summit, the world’s largest event for the planet! We were fhonoured to have been selected among the most innovative solutions and impactfulchangemakers to exhibit at the event in Paris.

CompPair held a booth, with live demonstrations of our healable composite material, as well as samples of our prepregs and other parts. On Friday 20th, Amaël, CEO and co-founder, pitched during the Circular Economy Session, and won the LVMH award for the best pitch!

ChangeNOW’s aim is to gather all those tackling our planet’s biggest challenges, to take action, together. By building bridges between the entrepreneurs, business leaders and policy-makers we can accelerate change.

The team came back from the ChangeNOW Summit 2022 with a great amount of motivation, optimism and inspiration.We were particularly impressed by the sensibility and awareness of the visitors and participants of the event. It is not often that an event of such magnitude is dedicated to the planet, and the solutions to save it, and it was a great success!


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