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CompPair’s healable composites featured in ID Genève’s new Circular C Watch, including recycled carbon fibres

The newly launched Circular C watch by ID Genève has been designed with CompPair’s healable composite technology, HealTech™. This one-of-a-kind watch is the first to include healable composites. Specifically, these are produced with prepregs made from recycled carbon fibres sourced from industrial waste.

The dial, side decorations, and bezel of the watch are made from HealTech™ recycled carbon fibre prepregs. This innovative composite features a repair up to 400x faster than industrial standards. The Circular C is the first regenerative watch on the market, showcasing the potential of CompPair’s HealTech™ composite materials. Initially intended for sports, leisure, and aerospace components, CompPair’s smart material has also proved its appeal in the luxury sector.

Amaël Cohades, CEO and co-founder: “CompPair’s vision is to extend the lifetime of composites to reduce maintenance operations and waste, as well as improve circularity, in line with ID Genève’s vision. Through this work, we are demonstrating the use of our healable resins with recycled carbon fibres, that can be applied to various other applications.”

CompPair aims to accelerate the transition to a circular economy with a product enabling ultra- fast repair and cost reductions. The company is developing innovative resins which produce composite structures that can heal damage on-site in 1 minute. Together with ID Genève, CompPair has taken its technology one step further by combining it with recycled fibres to reintroduce valuable recovered fibres on the market bringing a lower usage of natural resources and energy. The CompPair team has successfully addressed the capacity to regenerate scratches and internal cracks that can occur on composite parts.

Pioneers of sustainability in different sectors, the two Swiss-based companies have partnered to share their values in terms of innovation and circularity. The timepiece embraces the power of collaboration in the Swiss innovative ecosystem with sustainable materials expertise on one hand and watchmaking mastery on the other. The collection starts with a lab edition limited to a few pieces, before launching a permanent series.

Nicolas Freudiger, CEO and co-founder of ID Genève about this collaboration: “We are thrilled about this new collaboration, we are also proud to shed light on their amazing technology which can extend the lifecycle of so many products in so many different industries.”

The watch is now available for pre-order.


CompPair is a world-class composite expert, providing the first healable and sustainable composite material, a ground-breaking innovation in the field of self-healing composites. Made with CompPair’s material, composite structures can heal damage on site down to 1 minute and be better recycled. CompPair provides manufacturers with cutting-edge materials compatible with standard production processes. HealTech™’s value proposition is a repair time up to 99% reduction and significantly lower CO2 emissions. The company provides prepregs made from various textile reinforcements, which have already proved their interest for different industrial uses, ranging from sport to aerospace applications.


Founded in 2020, ID Genève is an award-winning watch brand, the first luxury watch brand to come out of the circular economy. The watches reflect the values and principles of people who are committed to the fight against climate change and who wish to have a positive social and environmental impact. The materials used are circular and have a lower carbon footprint than the industry average. The design of the watch is modular, timeless and evolutive to extend the life cycle to the maximum. ID Genève offers an avant-garde vision of watchmaking, an approach where sustainability, transparency and innovation are at the heart of their DNA and their manufacturing processes.


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