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Amaël, CEO, invited on a Hello Tomorrow panel to discuss collaborations

Hello Tomorrow invited Amaël, CEO of CompPair, to participate in a panel discussion on July 26th 2022. He discussed how startups can collaborate with corporates. Having experiences collaborating with large corporations such as ArianeGroup or Decathlon, Amaël shared some best practices for startup-corporate collaborations, and what companies should know beforehand.

Also in the panel, Mikel Mangold, the Innovation Project Manager at Venture Lab, who is part of an open innovation and collaboration team partnering and investing in the brightest creative and entrepreneurial minds around the world in mobility, utilities & medical.

Finally, Jeff Marshall from the R&D team at RDS (Rhythm Diagnostic Systems), a medical device company developing a miniaturized and connected wearable medical strip to monitor cardiac and respiratory parameters.


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